Your Course

For your peers, canoe club or paddling friends

​Any course for £320 a day 

We realise that sometimes dates and schedules don't match up. That's why we offer any course in any combination for a daily rate of £320 a day. Divide your course up to 6 paddlers. Per day.

​You provide the paddlers 

We provide the coaching 



Per-person breakdown 1 Day Course 


3  - £106 perperson

4  - £80  per person 

5  - £64 per person

6 - £54 per person



Per person breakdown for 2 day course


3- £213 per person

4- £160 per person

5- £128 per person

6- £106 per person




please note this pricing structure isn't for our This is packages, please get in touch for bespoke This is trips.