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 If your going to paddle, you may as well turn a few heads whilst doing it. 

Steep Creeking
Steep Creeking

steep creek progression

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Whitewater Developers Course
Whitewater Developers Course

Whitewater Developers Teesdale

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Dynamic Progression
Dynamic Progression

Dynamic Progression

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Steep Creeking
Steep Creeking

steep creek progression

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"One day Rolling Clinics, Steep Creek progression, and Whitewater developers courses. 
This is New Wave Kayaking, this is what we do" 
Core Whitewater 
2nd 3rd February 
16th 17th February  
This course is for
This course has been created for the grade 2 paddler who perhaps dabbles with grade 3 from time to time. This course focuses on the core values of a whitewater paddler. Focusing on confidence, technique and of course style! A roll is not required to participate in this course. 
Course Content 
Each course is tailored to our paddlers. Our primary goal is to create an environment where paddles can excel. Our easy going laid back style, layered with high value coaching. Is the perfect foundation to bring out your paddling ability. 
Whitewater Teesdale Developer course
Whitewater Teesdale Developer course
​3 day Whitewater Developers Program Rolling Clinic
25th 26th 27th August - North Wales 

A Summary
This three day course combines a two day whitewater developer course with a one day rolling clinic. Over the three days we'll look at bridging the gap between introduction to intermediate. This course is aimed at paddlers who want to step into paddling more continuous grade3.

Who's this for
This course is for paddlers who are looking to build their confidence and step up to running grade 3 whitewater. One of the key elements that we all get bogged down with is the roll. That's why we've put in an extra day just for rolling.

What we do
 We'll take the time to look at your personal skills, and where your at. From here will look key techniques to carve you into a modern whitewater paddler. Including

Lock and Load
River tactics and positioning
Mental rehearsal
Point and shoot

Roll on
We'll use the latest coaching methods HD and go pro video feedback, to ensure that you get the most out of our sessions. With small coaching numbers we'll keep information clear and accurate. You will even receive a 20% peak uk voucher and access to all your video feedback to you smart phone pc or tablet, now that's cool!

Whitewater Developers Course
2 days 
Price £180.00
Dartmoor Courses 
23- 24th February 
19th 20th January 
North Wales 
19th 20th January 
23- 24th February 
Who's this for

This two day course is for the paddler looking to boost their confidence to become a consistent grade 3 paddler. Looking at all the modern whitewater skills to make you smooth, confident and stylish on the water.



What we cover

We beleive in creating a personal coaching environment for our paddlers. Each course is tailored down to the paddlers who join us. Some of the key concepts we will cover over this weekend. 

- Punching stoppers/ laterals

- Lock and load finding your trigger point

- Line choice and application 

- The head game beating the demons 

Who will get the most out of this course? 

A paddler looking to boost their confidence with the workings of a whitewater roll. Ideal for paddlers with grade 3 experience. 


Dynamic Progression  Helping you make it look easy

2 days 


2nd 3rd December Dartmoor 

​6th 7th January 2018  Dartmoor 

Who's this for?

The grade 3 paddler with a reliable roll.

Ever looked at a paddler drive into an eddy and think? “ How do they make look so easy?” If you’re looking to sharpen those edges,  and drive over those eddy lines  a little smoother. Or to punch through holes and link moves fluently.  Then this is the course for you.

In a nutshell

This course focuses on how to make you look cool and confident on the water. By the end of weekend you’ll be hitting the eddies driving through holes and using the water features to your advantage.




Dynamic Skills 

The skills we focus on throughout the weekend. Are driven on the core fundamentals of whitewater paddling. taking into the elements of Technical key strokes along with the tactical positioning and river running skills. Some of the key concepts we will take a look at involve.

  • Read and run tactics

  • Key stroke timing lock and load

  • Understanding our movements

  • Technical understanding  










Advanced Progression  

Adding Style to Advanced Whitewater

A weekend focused on style


This two day course looks at the next level step to paddling grade 4 whitewater. Our primary focus of this course is to develop our paddling style. We highlight the core fundamentals of a new school whitewater paddler.  We want to make you look good at the sport that you enjoy. 



Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at paddlers who are fully comfortable on grade 3 and have experienced paddling grade 4 whitewater. A solid roll is required, to maximise your weekend. We advise arranging for us to give you a phone call. To make sure you are happy that this is the course for you. 




What will be covered? 

We believe in a 100% personal service. Not one New Wave Course is the same just like the paddlers who join us. By keeping coach to student ratios to a minimum we aim to focus the weekend around your needs. We will however be covering some of the key concepts of modern whitewater boating. Focused around the Technical and Tactical elements a few of which are listed below. 


  • Markers and Moves 

  • Rehearsal of Moves 

  • Key Stroke Timing 

  • River Running efficiency 

  • Lock and Load developing power transfer 

  • Edge to edge transition 





13th 14th January- Dartmoor 2018
10th 11th February - 2018






Steep Creek Progression -An intro to steep creeking

2 days

5th 6th November 2016

26th 27th November

3rd- 4th December 


3rd 4th March 2017 




 Also Included

 2 nights Accommodation 

Saturday Evening Meal 

​In a nutshell


This new course is designed for the river paddler who wants to transfer their skills to a steeper environment. For a paddler happy on grade 3 with experience of grade 4.


A light overview

Over the two days we'll take you through the steps of key stroke application, mid flight correction and mental rehearsal for when you need to perform. We'll use video feedback along with a maximum of 5 students to ensure quality coaching.

The Environment

We've put in the time to checking the best venues. This course is based in the Swale and Teesdale valley . Where  we will be based for the two days.


We will cover

Over the two days we will focus on the key components of creeking. 

Both the technical strokes and body movements. Along with river tacticts to choosing lines. We also focus on  the psychological  coping stratigies to be able to perform in a steep environment. 



Off the River - Accomodation 



For this season we have upgraded our services to include accomodation for the course. At a local and comfortable bunkhouse overlooking the river swale. We also like to keep things social so we will keep you stocked up on a home cooked meal. While we chat about paddling and exagerate the size of the rapids of course...

Advanced Creek Leader Course 
4 Days
19th 22nd October 
29th March - 1st April 2018 
This course includes 

-3 nights accommodation 

- 2 Days  British Canoeing Advanced Whitewater Leader training 

-2 Days Steep Creek training 

- All meals 



This convienece based course, brings together both a great environment and our modern high standard of coaching. The course is aimed at taking your river running skills and applying them to a steeper environment. 

We have combined our steep creeking courses with the British Canoeing Advanced Leader Training course. Allowing you to have access to 4 days of whitewater progression whilst obtaining your training course.


Skills Covered 


-Slides and drops


- Dealing with landing from a height 


- Fundamentals of Waterfalls


- Boofs, flares and cushion waves dissected


What skills do I need? 

This course is for paddlers who are comfortable on grade 3 with experience of grade 4. With a reasonable roll .  The Moderaterete whitewater leader award will be required for your advanced whitewater training to be logged.