Scotch Eggs!

This classic on the road snack is perfect for on the river or as a post river snack! This is a simple healthy option but you can be as advanterous as you like!

Scotch Egg Recipe

Paddlers Scotch Eggs

6 eggs

What you need?

  • 2 bowls

  • Raised Grill

  • Chopping board

  • Sharp Knife

  • Saucepan


  • Good Quality Sausages x6

  • Eggs x7

  • Seasoning, chilli, pepper, other goodness

  • Ground Almonds 1 Cup


1- Get the oven to 180c. Boil eggs till hard 8 minutes should do peel the eggs and make sure cold before assembling. Meanwhile break egg in to bowl. In a separate bowl. Place ground almonds. Ready for dunking.

2- This recipe works on a 1 egg 1 sausage basis. Slice the sausage lengthwise to puncture the skin and peel off the outer casing. Roll out into a ball and flatten with palm of hand. Season and then wrap the egg around the sausage meat. Evenly covering the egg.

3- Dunk in egg wash then in almonds then settle on a grill. So the fat drips away from the sausage and doesn't sit in the fat. Continue with each until complete. Place in oven for 25-30mins or until golden you will need to rotate every 10 mins or so.

Download Recipe as PDF

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