Rolling Clinic  

After work, or full day rolling clinics 

This is for 

We have a maximum of 4 students on each course. This enables paddlers of all abilities to join us. So if you need to reconstruct your roll. Or if you've had no rolling coaching at all. You're welcome to join us.

How we do it

We'll use video feedback, along with expert demos and the latest coaching methods. We'll break it down and get you well on your way. We'll also give you an action plan to make sure you continue to roll well after the course. 

Rolling Clinic 

Price - £100 
Location  Nottingham Whitewater course
13th August 
14 th August 
10th August

Rolling Program 
Learn to roll in 4 sessions 

June Program
June Program 
2.5 hours
Start time 6pm 
Course Structure 
This course layers up the key skills required for nailing that roll. We use a range  of progressive coached sessions to develop your roll. This course is for paddlers who either want to roll. Or perhaps need their roll honing and perfecting. Our low ratio sessions allow you to access quality coaching to help master that roll! 


Rolling Program 
A personal 1:1  evening program lasting 4 sessions


Dates: Pick 4 Summer evenings! 


£200 - per person


Location: Nottingham Whitewater Centre

What you receive 

- 4 sessions 1:1 coaching

- Completly personal coaching for your roll

-  Development program to ensure your roll stays with you

- Dates to suite you!  




Keep it personal 

We're offering a bespoke package. Four rolling sessions, completley one to one. On evenings that suit your availability allowing your to crack that roll. On a day and time that suites you with a coach at your disposal! 


The Coaching

 We don't like tick lists, itineraries or boxes. We teach each session completly differently. Just like the paddlers we teach. We keep it personal. Allowing you to get the most out of your time on the water. 

So if you have no roll, or have lost it and want it back. Then we can tailor-make our session to your requirements. Each session has a coaching ratio of 1:1. Offering a bespoke package each time! 


What will I recieve 

Each session lasts 2.5 hours long. Allowing plenty of time for progression. After each session you will receive a digital copy of feedback for that session. Including key skills and points to work on inbetween sessions. 

How to book 


- Email us with some available evening dates 


- We'll confirm with our coaches


- Then we will get you rolling