There are many routes down. We suggest driving on the Toll roads. These can range in price from €5 to €15. We've planned out the route to make it easy for your trip.


Top tip

If you decide on traveling on the ferry, an over-night crossing from Dover to Dunkerque allows you to sleep and have a full days driving.


From Dunkerque it is 13hrs or 1,321km to Bovec.


Top Tip

Keep to toll roads and Autobahns, while the traffic is moving quickly you are less likely to incur as much traffic.

If you choose to fly Venice is only 3 hours away or the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, only 1.5 hours away. Whilst this is not included we can arrange an airport pick up for you. We can also provide you with our fleet of whitewater kayaks. Leaving you to enjoy your holiday.


A full kit list will be issued. On the river, a long sleeve cag and shorts will be suitable perhaps a shortie for warmer days. Off the water, shorts and t-shirts. Along with a light pair of trousers and top for the evenings.


Top Tip

The air temperature has a typical range between 13C and 26C giving a great temperature for your trip with us.

Bovec is home to many ice cream shops and cafes. As a rough guide €30 a day will be more than plenty. Depending on how much ice cream you like of course!


Each day we aim to be out the door by 9am, with no more than a 30 minute drive to the river. We can allow plenty of paddling time. Most days we will be off the river by 4pm allowing time for ice cream or a cold beer in town. We do also appreciate that this is your holiday and every day is flexible; we keep the group small allowing for you to tailor your week. If you want a morning to relax no problem!

Having your own travel insurance is essential for this trip. Please make sure that your policy includes a statement covering whitewater kayaking up to and including grade 4. It needs to have the statement 'whitewater kayaking' We have listed a few companies we would recommend.






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Plan your Slovenia Whitewater holiday!

We've put together some basic bits of information to make your holiday even easier!
What is the best route? 
How Long is the drive? 
What do I need to pack?
How much will I need to for personal shopping?
Can I fly out?
How many hours do we spend on the water? 
What about travel insurance?