Why we do it

Why we do what we do




We’re excited!

We’re the lucky ones we get up each day and do something we love. It’s not about creating a lifestyle it’s about creating something awesome. We believe in sharing our first class experience. Through this we’ve managed to hone the latest whitewater coaching methods. Not to mention we get to meet interesting people every time we hit the river.

          We’ve met parents, entrepreneurs, accountants, globe trotters para-troopers, barristers, teachers and journalists. Each of them has brought something wonderful to the river. Their own story their own spin on the world.
Fancy adding yours? We have the best job in the World! We just happen to run whitewater coaching courses.

The Benchmark 

We believe that in order to deliver a first class experience we have to perform. We work hard each and every day to perform to a high standard. We talk the talk and walk the walk. We believe in top notch demos, setting the bar and making you a part of the bench mark of modern whitewater paddling. 

Your Experience

We’ve had a lot of good times on the water! We’ve had just as many off the river. At the put in, on the journey to the river; in the evenings over good food. We love this sport because it attracts all walks of life. You are never to young and you will never be too old. The paddlers that join us on the river make up everything we do.

The Two Way Street

The paddlers that join us on the river make up everything we do. We learn just as much from you as you from us. You provide the make up the flourish and creativity that shapes our job. Your ideas, input and individual zest will in some way find it’s way onto every course we run and every river we paddle.

How we do it

"A fun exhilirating adventure, that never strays to far from a good slice of cake."

 We appreciate that it's the whole experience that counts. That's why we have all inclusive This is Scotland trips where everything is covered. We are offering accommodation on some of our more advanced courses. So you can kick back and enjoy your evening. We'll even provide freshly baked cake to greet you off of the river. Now that's cool! 

What we offer at New Wave Kayaking?

- We keep in contact, we have a 24hr response rule. If we don't respond in that time we've failed you. 

- Each paddler receives a £20 voucher to spend at the Peak UK Shop

- Each paddler receives access to video feedback to view on their mobile devices, along with action plans.

- We don't like the idea of losing touch with our paddlers. That's why we invite you to come paddling at anytime, for social catch up or to perhaps ask advice on a boat. We love paddling so why not join us! 

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