What is a Drop in Clinic? 

A drop in clinic is a one day course which allows you to access a one day top up! During the year will be hosting a number of drop in clinics around the country. So keep an eye out. 





Whitewater Developers Drop In 


Location: Cardiff Whitewater Centre 


Date: 23rd April 


£100.00 per person


Coaching Ratio 1:4 


Let's get you prepped and ready for your summer of whitewater. This course is aimed at paddlers wanting to sharpen up both their whitewater skills and whitewater roll.

-Key stroke timing 

- River positioning tactics 

- Whitewater Roll

- Markers and moves

- Lock and load


Paddler Requirements

For the paddler who is still working on a consistent roll. Whilst developing their whitewater skills. 




Whitewater Developers 


Location: North Wales



Date:  TBA


£100.00 per person 



This course is for.. 

This course is put together for paddlers looking to sharpen up their whitewater grade 3 skills. We have taken the popular whitewater developers course. And condesed it into one day! Utilizing the man-made course to push your skills getting you ready for the season.

Boof Clinic 



Location: Yorkshire


Date: 26th March 


Price: £100.00 


Who is this for?

This course is designed for one purpose and one purpose only. And that is to nail your boof! 

One of the most useful and sort after skill to have a boof you can fire at any moment. This day clinic allows for paddlers to really hone their boofing skills. 






What previous skills should I have? 


This course is for paddlers who want to develop their boof. Whether you're new to boofing or want it a more reliable stroke for your creeking season. This course is for any paddler with experience on grade 3 with a roll.