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​From Whitewater Safety and Rescue to Advanced Whitewater Leader Training . We've got it covered. We've even put together a 4 day program for those looking for a package.'

We can also offer packages for your clubs or peer groups. To find out more visit Your Courses


Advanced Whitewater Leader Assessment 


15th 16th April


Location: Fort William





LR form 


Advanced Whitewater Safety and Rescue

First Aid 



The Assessment

Over the course of the weekend you will be assesed in your ability to paddle and lead on grade 3/4. This level is the highest award by the British Canoeing. And is perfect for advanced leaders or paddlers looking to work as a safety paddler or guide. 


The Coaches

You will be with some of the best coaches in the industry. We team up with coaches such as Dave Rossetter, Tom Parker and Adam Harmer. 

Advanced Leader Training 

Dartmoor Courses

30th Nov- 1st December

7th -8th December

3rd 4th February 


Scotland Courses 

24th 25th March 

14th 15th April 


£180 per person


This course is aimed at paddlers who have their Inland Whitewater 4 Star award. To make the most out of this course we advise. Experience of grade 3/4.

Why Advanced Whitewater Leader training ? 

This award is designed for paddlers wanting to lead on grade 3 and push their paddling to grade 4. We'll look at safe, swift and dynamic river leadership strategies. Along with the modern whitewater personal skills to enable you to do so.


Through out the course we'll look at


- Running Drops, Boofs, Stomping and flares


- River Tactics using small features to great effect


- Style and ease, make it look good

- Group dynamics river running tactics





5 Star AWWSR combo


5 Star River leader Program


Join on to a 5 star whitewater training and Advanced Whitewater Safety and Rescue training for £320. 



Moderate Whitewater  Leader Booster 




5th December

11th December 

14th December 

4th January 



Who is this for?

This course is designed for paddlers who have already completed their Moderate Whitewater Leader training and looking to boost their skills before taking their assessment. 


Throughout the course of the day we will assess your current skills and address areas for improvement to get you ready for assessment. Both developing your personal and leadership skills. Th aim is to improve your confidence and get you ready for you assessment.

Advanced Whitewater Leader Booster  



£85 per person




4th  December 

6th December 

13th December


Advanced Whitewater leader trained, paddlers who are looking to take their assessment in the next few months.

Who is this course for ?

Shaped for paddlers who are looking for a top up of skills and revaluation of their leadership skills and personal paddling skills. This course will provide feedback and top tips for paddlers wanting to go to assessment. 

Skills Covered 

- A review of your current styles and leadership roles

- Adapting to your group dynamic 

- Developing alternative methods of leadership

- Personal skills modelling good style 

Advanced Creek Leader Course 
Price £400 
24th-27th March 




What is this Course ? 


We’ve paired up a  two days of steep creek coaching and the British Canoeing Advanced leadership training. This allows you to spend more time in a steep environment enhancing your creeking leadership. Along with personal skills to flourish in an advanced environment.



Skills Include 


- Think fast, read and run

- Managing your group on steep ground 

- Read and Creek Alpine reading is one thing but we   take a look at read and boof techniques 

- Group Dynamics, strengths weakness’s 

- Using advanced river features to optimise down river speed 

- Spotting your landing 

- Boofing of course it needs work 

- Slides, Waterfalls and boulder gardens  




What if I don't have the pre-requirements ? 


In order for you to be registered for the Advanced Leadership training. You must have completed a Moderate Whitewater Leader assessment. We still welcome paddlers who don't have the Moderate Whitewater Leader award. A popular choice for paddlers to hone their skills and push their paddling without the need for the formal award.

  If you currently 
  • Paddle grade 4 

  • Want to develop your steep creek skills

  • Work in the Industry as a recognised advanced water leader 

  • Paddle with your peers and want to keep them safe 

  • Hone your personal skills and become a more active group member 


Then this program may be worth considering

Moderate Leader Program 



4 days


 18th 21st September

This course includes 

- 4 star whitewater leader training

- Whitewater Safety and Rescue course

-£20 gift voucher from Peak UK shop

- Access to the cloud for video and photo analysis

This four day development course is for the modern whitewater paddler looking to become a four star leader. Over the four days we will combine the 4 star training and whitewater safety and rescue course. We’ll aid you with the most up to date current skills to help you on the way to becoming a strong dynamic leader. Along with quick and effective rescues.


This is a training course, so no pre-requisites. However experience of paddling and leading up to grade 3 with a consistent roll will help you get the best out of the course.

To book on this course download and fill out a booking form.

4 star whitewater leader training
4 star whitewater leader training 

Cost £180

2 days



14th 15th January  North Wales

This two day training course gives you the essentials to become a four star leader. We look at dynamic leadership techniques in order to run a river safely. As part of a leader being able to move around the river is crucial, so we’ll look at driving the boat over eddies, using river features to move around the river, along with the tactics of river reading.

Over the two days we’ll use video feedback and evening sessions, to ensure that at the end of the two days you go away with all the skills to become a great river leader.
To book on this course download and fill out a booking form.

Moderate Leader Assessment 


Cost £180

2 days



16th 17th September 2017 


There is nothing better than taking people out kayaking. The four star whitewater leaders award allows you to lead paddlers on grade 2 whitewater. Over the two days you will be assessed to the standard of a four star leader. A day will be spent on leadership and rescue skills, whilst the other will look at your personal skills. For this course you will need a stamped LR form , for more information read the syllabus.

To book on this course download and fill out a booking form.

Advanced Whitewater Safety and Rescue 


Price £180 




14th 15th June North Wales

27th 28th October Fort William





Have attended a basic Whitewater Safety and Rescue Course. Age 16 years and over. 


Who is course for?

This course is for paddlers who routinely paddle in a grade 3/4 environment.  This course focuses on advanced safety skills for a steep ground. Desgined to arm the paddler with skills for safe efficeint stratigies for steep access. This course is also a pre-requisite for 5 star leader award. 


What Skills will I learn?

We will cover a host of skills including. 

- Selecting achnors

-  Application of Prusiks and knots

- Steep ground access

- Mechanical advantage

- Foot Entrapments 

- Dynamic resuces 



5 Star AWWSR combo  




4th 7th February 2017 Dartmoor 



5 Star River leader Program


Join on to a 5 star whitewater training and Advanced Whitewater Safety and Rescue training for £320. 



Whitewater Safety and Rescue 


2 days

This course is a pre-requrisite for the four star leaders award. This two and a half day course is a hands on course which focuses on whitewater safety. Unlike other Whitewater and Safety rescue courses we start the evening before to enable that we get the most out of time on the water. In this course we will cover

  • Leadership strategies

  • Throwline use

  • Live bait

  • Boat based rescues

  • Correct use and choice of equipment